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7 Things I Wish Parents Would Stop Teaching Their Children:


  1. That nudity is inherently sexual
  2. That people should be judged for their personal decisions
  3. That yelling solves problems
  4. That they are too young to be talking about the things they’re already starting to ask questions about
  5. That age correlates to importance
  6. That interacting with someone of the opposite sex is inherently romantic
  7. That the default for someone is straight and cisgender

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My ugly flower crown turns stupid cute when placed on a pup

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“when the sun goes down the light reflects off the glass and it looks like the buildings are on fire”

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Sarah Joncas born 1986 in Hamilton is an artist based out of Ontario, Canada. She is graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design. Though Sarah has developed a particular and distinct style, she has also maintained a constant change within the artwork she creates. She has gained a reputation within the Pop Surrealism Movement for her strange and often personal portraits of women. Sarah’s has had many successful shows in  galleries in California, Seattle, Rome, New York, and London England. She currently resides in Mississauga.

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